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Cloudflare's Cloudbleed in plain English

A friend asked me to explain the Cloudflare Cloudbleed flaw "in simple English for simple folk".
This is my attempt.

What is (Charlie) Cloudflare?

Cloudflare sits as a proxy in front of many websites across the internet. When you ask for a web page from many of these websites (including Uber, 1Password, FitBit, and OKCupid), you're actually asking Cloudflare. Cloudflare goes to the relevant company, gets the content you request, then gives the reply back to you.

Think of Cloudflare as Charlie Cloudflare, an assistant who prints documents for your entire office. Hundreds of people at work use Charlie to print documents instead of doing it themselves. Most of the time everything works out fine. Occasionally however poor Charlie gets confused.

What mistake was Charlie making?

Charlie receives two requests at similar times - Alice asks Charlie to print her bank statement while Bob asks Charlie to print a short story.

Charlie accidentally prints Alice's bank statement twice but hands her back a correct copy. When Charlie goes to print Bob's short story, Charlie grabs a random page or two from Alice's bank statement by accident and ends up inserting it into Bob's stack of pages.

Most of the time no-one will notice that anything went wrong, only seeing a brief spurt of gibberish at the end of their document and dismissing it.

Enter Gary Google, the librarian

Meanwhile, there are a few people who use the assistant continuously - specifically Gary Google.

Gary prints thousands of pages a day and stores them in a little personal library that anyone can look at and copy from. Given Gary prints so much, it's likely that Gary end up with many random pages, such as a page from Alice's bank statements or the end of Bob's short story.

Eventually Gary grabs a document from his library and realizes Charlie made a mistake. Gary looks at a single shelf from his enormous library and finds similar mistakes a number of times.

There's an awful lot of bank statements in this section labelled "Romance" ...

Stop it Charlie!

Gary informs Charlie of his error. Charlie freaks out and tries to fix it. Charlie stops accidentally inserting pages into other people's documents, tells everyone to discard any documents that have strange pages in them, and then claims the situation is solved.

Unfortunately, this doesn't fix the issue - Gary's library might have random snippets of anyone's data in there! Not only is this true for Gary, it's also true for anyone else who grabbed print outs from Charlie at the time, including Alice, Bob, or Gary.

Worst of all, if malicious Mallory realized Charlie's mistakes, she might have printed thousands of pages on purpose, searching through the contents she retrieved for these accidental leaks. Many of them will likely be innocent enough - maybe a page from Bob's short story - but some many contain the combination to Alice's bank vault.

The unfortunate summary ...

We don't know what was leaked, where it was leaked to, or whether the people who received them have stored the copy. We only know that any of the documents printed by Charlie might have been leaked.

Gary Google is trying to clean his vast library but is still having a real hard time given there are so many files. Occasionally it's not even obvious if a random page was slipped into a document - Bob's short stories can get very strange!

Bill Bing, Duck DuckGo, Malicious Mallory, Ian InternetArchive, and Chloe CommonCrawl might also still have random pages without having deleted them.

  • Is this likely to directly leak your password? Not likely - but we don't know.
  • Is this likely to impact a service you use? Maybe - but again we don't know.
  • Does this impact anyone not using Cloudflare? No.
  • Does this mean any page you've loaded from Cloudflare might have been leaked? Maybe.

There's really not much we can do to know what was leaked unfortunately - or who it was leaked to.

That's potentially the worst part ...